Student and Community Volunteers

We are very grateful to all our volunteers. The committment of our pre-health professional and community volunteers is instrumental in the growth of the clinic and the ever increasing quality and breadth of care offered.  



  "Volunteering with the Student Outreach Clinic has been an incredible experience. It                        has allowed me to play a very meaningful role in the health of my community from a                   very early stage of my education."
                     -David Noor; Junior, University of Nevada, Reno

 “Volunteering at the Student Outreach Clinic was an eye opening experience for me. Not only did I go home each day feeling like I really contributed positively to the health of my community, but it also allowed me to truly discover my passion in medicine. This opportunity has only made me more excited for my future in the healthcare field.”
            -Sarah Gebrezghi; Senior, University of Nevada Reno
            “Volunteering at the Student Outreach Clinc has provided a wonderful opportunity to give back to my community while having meaningful interactions with medical students and local physicians in a clinical environment.”
            -Johnathan Rhea; Junior, University of Nevada Reno 
            “The Student Outreach Clinic has provided me with a unique opportunity to learn not only from practicing physicians, but also current medical students. This rare experience to observe and discuss with someone who's place I aspire to be in one day, while helping a community who normally is under-treated, is one that is incredibly rewarding.” 
            -Kendal Warner; Sophmore, University of Nevada Reno

Roles in the clinic

Pre-medical student volunteers have been given roles in language interpretation, data entry, patient intake, inventory and supply management, helping patients access lost-cost or no-cost pharmeceuticals, and fundraising. Volunteering requires a one year committment (September - May) of four or more hours per month. Four official executive staff positions are offered per year to qualified pre-health students.



Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in the Student Outreach Clinic. We are currently accepting volunteer applications. Please click here to download the application.